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Money Coaching

Money Coaching

Mindy Crary – Money Coach & Certified Life Coach

Mindy Crary – Money Coach & Certified Life Coach This the STEADY monthly money coaching to remind you of what’s important in your life, to help you shift your mindset and make steady, PRACTICAL progress throughout the year not only with wealth building, but also a better overall relationship with money.

Mindy Crary – Money Coach & Certified Life Coach
Mindy Crary – Money Coach & Certified Life Coach certified coach This the STEADY monthly money coaching to remind you of what’s important in your life, to help you shift your mindset and make steady, PRACTICAL progress throughout the year not only with wealth building, but also a better overall relationship with money.

Money Coaching


Becoming the financial engine of your life is a gradual process. That’s fine!

Monthly money coaching is for people who want to REMEMBER that getting better at their money is a priority.

People who know they need someone to help them keep the focus.

This is different from financial planning…yes, I believe everyone needs some level of financial planning (that’s why I have this other business) but mostly, busy people needs to build the skills required to capture the money they make. And develop a process to do that on an ongoing basis.

Since financial success is a PROCESS, monthly money coaching helps you act as if you’ve already got the process down, by setting aside time to do the work (without getting intense and crazy about it).

Since I work around money constantly, I bear witness to successful people, who are making good money but who are so busy making it all happen… they look up one day and realize they have been so busy running on the hamster wheel that they forgot to keep any of the money they created.

Fundamentally, our calls will be about how to help you KEEP more money. Wealth building.

But we will also make sure this isn’t in isolation. Paying taxes, paying down debt. All of these are important.

Because what you need – what everyone needs – is attention and skill building.

I said it before, financial success is a process. It’s infrastructure. It’s knowing what goes where.

It’s actually giving definition to those things you know you should be doing but maybe aren’t clear on the HOW.

That’s what we do when we work together on this.


Monthly Money Coaching Package

A once monthly call, skipping two months (usually September and December because those months tend to get crazy for everyone).

10 ~90-minute phone coaching sessions

Accessible directly by email during office hours for whatever questions or noodling you’re focused on

In addition to the calls, we’re spending time off the phone every week while we work together reinforcing the processes and opening accounts, creating plans of action, etc.  I’m just a text message away if you start to feel crazy!

You Invest:

$4,000 for the entire process. You can pay in full or complete payments monthly by completing a credit card authorization.

Once I get your intake and answer any questions you have, I’ll send a link with monthly session options. When you choose one, I block out and confirm with you those times for 10 months (taking off Aug/Sept and Dec).

I’ll have you sign my agreement and either send you an invoice to pay in full or have you complete a credit card authorization for monthly.

Once I receive your payment, I’ll be in your inbox within 1-2 days with some pre-work to get started.

In our work together, I will help you:

  • Clarify your financial goals and make sure those are balanced with “fun” goals
  • Identify what excess cash flow looks like for your situation.
  • Troubleshoot spending and confirm SOP for your spending
  • Map out a review process to stay clear
  • Point you to resources to implement your financial vision tactically
  • Start you building cash resources
  • Connect your saving to your specific goals and a way to assess progress
  • Identify a debt payoff plan
  • Allocate resources for short-mid-long term goals
  • Help you realize that even successful people struggle and that financial success is a process.

Once you have the proper tools and skills, you’ll feel confident no matter what the current situation is, and you’ll have peace of mind that you can navigate the financial waves, swells and tsunamis that come your way.



Typical call slots might be midday Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. All Pacific time zone.


Next Steps

You fill out this intake form and ask any questions

I send you all of the stuff you need to get started

You commit by scheduling with me

We have you sign the agreement and set up invoicing

We start checking in on tasks to get started, building up to our live calls


My Refund Policy

Just so you know, I am a bit of a hardass.

The reason is this (and this is a nod to Susan Hyatt, life coach extraordinaire):

Ever bought a ticket to a play or a concert and then didn’t feel like going?

It’s because it was outside of your normal comfort zone.

Or maybe you reserved time with a personal trainer and then bailed. Maybe the reason you bailed was that the rest of your life seemed unmoveable.

But guess what? These are symptoms.

Of not putting yourself first. Of not putting your finances first, or your business first…your well being first. Because no doubt – good finances contribute to your well being.

The play or concert you bailed on – the actors, the artists and your personal trainer – they still showed up.

Even though you stay home, missed out…you still had to pay because they blocked out that time to work with you, perform for you, etc.

They aren’t refunding your money, just because you decided not to show up or messed up your schedule or whatever. That was your choice.

And BTW – the reason I have a successful business is because I am precise with my time. This is part of that lesson.


You will be amazed at what happens when you commit to the process and get real about what you really want to achieve.

Here’s the official policy as written in the agreement:

All work is based on the consulting rate specified in our agreement. If participant requests a refund, Mindy will provide a statement of time worked, deduct what is owed and send you back any remaining money. This includes any already-scheduled meetings that occur within the next 5 working days.

Mindy rarely reschedule calls or meetings (twice in 2 years due to illness). If it happens, Mindy will make heroic efforts to maintain the agreed-upon working schedule and reschedule that meeting at participant’s convenience (nights and weekends, if necessary).

If the participant needs to reschedule, we require at least 2 business days’ notice. If we receive less than 1 business days’ notice, you miss that appointment. Meaning, if participant is scheduled to talk on Monday, the latest notification without losing your fee would be the prior Wednesday morning. Saturday and Sunday don’t count. This ensures that the participant is committed. If the participant chooses to miss an appointment with fewer than 2 business days’ notice, the appointment will not be rescheduled and the Coach and participant will simply continue on with the rest of the schedule.

I get it; people get sick, kids crash into brick walls and sometimes plans change.  I reserve the right to be less of a hardass, once I have assessed your commitment level and the specific thing keeping you from our appointment. I happily reschedule for hurricane evacuations, other natural disasters, sudden medical emergencies and other events outside your control.  We just need to make sure there is a real reason, and not that you have lost interest.